Past Present And Future


Are we as national and global citizens being compromised?


Are governments and institutions failing us?


How do present systems affect us?


Democracy not working when the scales of balance are unjust: One rule and law for the rich and another for the rest?


The collapse of Religious and all other Faith groups and affiliates, allowing for a single central Faith to arise and end divisions because they teach what is right and also false and promise before God to maintain standards but fail to deliver by destroying themselves and others in the process through the false!


The collapse of elitism and capitalism as presently recognised!


The advancement or the delaying of destiny and globalization!


Overall ego in who we are and how we live without question has to subside unless we wish to suffer repercussions? 


Please read on to see the past and present for then, to understand the future effects of where it's taking us with links to the story and lesson of how life can be bettered or made worse?


Please after receiving the obvious; approach with care but address urgently as eyes are opened!!


Religious people are those that function solely within traditions and all that they do is maintain rituals in a repetitive manner, not allowing the Spirit freedom to run the assembly because they like to do it through rules and regulations that inevitably stifles the Spirit and stops Him working in a liberal and free manner as He does in other Faiths more in tune and synchronized.


This means that they are accustomed to living their Faith more by dead works and knowing and doing everything by heart maintaining strict order, rather than totally in The Spirit and in a joyous free environment where everyone participates as The Spirit motivates by never knowing what to expect next, "and where miracles happen."