New Wonderful World

                                Past Present and Future


Are we as national and global citizens being compromised?


Are governments and institutions failing us?


How do present systems affect us?


Democracy is definitely not functioning as it should, when the scales of balance are unjust and under handedly controls the lower classes in a slave like manner. There are also one too many laws for the super rich to exploit and others less worthy for the rest? Democracy is definitely short on knowledge or real balanced knowledge on how to best govern everything for world peace to occur.


Democracy can no longer function when those in charge can't be trusted if they carry a label of brazen compulsive lying and negligence in public office. Their moral fibre is composed of methods absolutely opposed and contrary to what democracy really advocates.

We can no longer afford to be led by leaders in whatever sphere of office if we have to be suspicious of them at all times. To believe that we are democratically free is incorrect when they take continual liberty by playing and toying with our lives and placing it at risk or great peril and with the possible total loss of it.


We now know that banks in the hands of private individuals create instability, recession, rebellion and possible war and therefore: should be nationalized! We also know that privatization and the free capitalism that it represents without careful monitoring and control, creates extremes, instability, recession, rebellion and war! All people being able to do as they please without conscience in the end take everything to extremes and can create rebellion and war!This has to end if we don't wish for destiny to always repay us unkindly, when it's allowed to go full circle on the path of continuous ongoing cause and effect. Life for the best should be lived with equilibrium and that governments should now recognise this!

Greed is the culprit and this is the reason why everything has to be monitored and regulated.

Nationalization has not worked in the past because it took too many people to do a job and they were lazy too in the bargain. Now that we are wiser, we should then make it work. Privatization will never work and will always create and bring back backlash and reprisals and incessant instability, recessions and war on top of wars.

Suffering will only end when rich people are made to understand that all that they are doing is no longer fashionable and laws with new systems will have to be brought in to suit these and later times due to the unrelenting justifiable prophetic revelation that is coming to bear upon us.

Margheret Thather's, Neocapitalistic dream has shown us what it can produce and for goodness sake let's get rid of it and start afresh with better ideas and close that era off!!!


Elitism and Free Capitalism as presently recognised has to regress because it can no longer sustain itself in its present manner and the people allow it to go on without protesting or rebelling!

There is no doubt that the Elite control us lock stock and barrel and somehow change has to happen if the world is ever going to progress to a higher state.

Multi millionares and billionares do not really understand what the world should really be about, otherwise: It would not be in the sorry state that it's in, and being in this present state means: That they are no more than criminals, robbing from the lower classes even if within the law and they keep getting away with it!

Tony Blair the ex Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, has got away with it, unless the people take him to court over Iraq, because even though he might not be part of the Elite as he doesn't command enough wealth, he was and is still propably working for them, if they haven't dropped him like a hot brick after the Chilcot report.

There are also scapegoats here and there but the wrong corrupt systems are still in place and making money for them but only for as long as as there is not another major recession.

We are at present facing big questions and one of the biggest, is: Will they be able to keep lowering the interest rate and continue pumping money into the economy to keep it buoyant, and for how long? Will the ordinary tax payer clear up the mess by taking the brunt of it as normally happens? I don't think so, and I mean this together with also others who are clued up that this time around they will not be able to get away with it unless they want something terrible to happen and which they are ill prepared for. There will always be those that will take the law into their own hands and therefore: there is a risk factor or peril when out and about in public, on their own or with their families with also property to protect.

There is no longer any doubt that besides ordinary individuals, terrorists socially or workwise will tie the rich or super rich up, because besides personal or family attacks, drones will become a very big problem, by targetting them not only at home but whatever foremost will best bring England down and slightly less the rest of the UK. Rich playgrounds in the world not excluded.

It is common knowledge, that when society or any individual is taken advantage off, at some stage some become resentful and seek some kind of revenge. Please no longer take liberties as there is too much available knowledge throughout social media that inevitably at some stage of your life will lead to you and then quite possible that you could become a target or other people because of you!

Governments, bankers, fraudsters please understand this! Everyone is taking advantage being morally unscrupulous but too much of it in the end when many are hard pressed, will always bring reprisals!

Those that don't believe that destiny is created as we go through life and can be made either better or worse depending on what we believe better to be without having special insight and more so without conscience or responsibility for all life and altogether live as best pleases them are a real problem for others who then become victims of their bad attitudes.

When we live by the sword we shall die by the sword, everything comes around by going full circle and this is why wars and rebellions with famines and epidemics is a never ending ongoing way of life that one day will end, but not before everyone realises that just because they don't wield a sword or use a gun personally, but no different when making wrong decisions or living life in a way that drains or takes a toll on other peoples lives, let alone when they get killed or take their own lives because of it? Somewhere along the line there will always be definite retribution.

Vengence is mine. I will repay says the Lord! Either other people, other things, or God himself, will repay in some manner according to what we deserve as destiny justly administers all of our deeds.

An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth or if we live by the sword we will die by the sword, is nothing other than cause and effect and what we sow we reap. A universal just law that no one can evade because God is not only just but also shows no favouritism.

If we leave it to God to administer, it might not happen in exactly the same way because he has to take into account overall destiny and how to best re-address it when it's constantly on the move and also handed down from past generations.

Over and over I hear people who do not realise how they are making a living and creating wealth, say: I have not hurt anyone and I am not hurting anyone! This is because they are naive and accept how the world evolves with accepted wrong practises and blatently if only in ignorance take advantage of everything and everyone. 




Daily Mail newspaper   28th July 2016

World at war says Pope.

The global terrorism threat means that the world is at war, the Pope said yesterday.

Pope Francis said the shocking series of recent terror atrocities showed that the world faced a battle for power.

But he emphasised that it was not a war of religions which would pit Christianity against Islam.

Speaking in the wake of the Normandy church outrage, the Pope said: "The word that is being repeated often is insicurity, but the real word is war. Let's recognise it.

"The world is in a state of war in bits and pieces. It is not organic but it is organised and it is war. We should not be afraid to speak this truth. The world is at war because it has lost peace."

Speaking to journalists as he flew to Poland for World Youth Day celebrations, the Pope added: "When I speak of war, I am really speaking of a war of interests, for money, resources for domination of peoples... This is the war.

"I am not speaking of a war of religions. Religions don't want war. The others want war." 


Pope Francis is absolutely right in saying this, and I don't believe that he does'nt know that he and his organisation are also culpable for this dilemma.

When he is refering to the others, he is obviously refering to the empire that elitism and Judaism govern throughout the world with neocapitalism and the free enterprise that it represents.

The Vatican and its Roman Catholic institution is no different than the same parallel systems that exist in the world, which exploit the masses and create disorder, and he is no more than an appaling sleepwalker and hypocrite if he does not recognise this, when they have their finger in every pie that spells out elitism, Capitalism, Illuminati and Opus Dei, their army of civiliams capable of killing anyone if the need arises and not democratic at all when the control and power it holds over the people is enormous.

The Pope has to presently realise, that he can't call the cauldron black and at the same time not have his own house in order, even though he personally is different from those he represents.

With all due respect Pope Francis is definitely trying his best to reform Catholisism but there is too much that needs reform and he has an equal number in the Vatican that are either for him or against him, let alone the millions of followers worldwide that will agree or disagree to change or not change the present structure.

There is so much evidence of his efforts on national newspapers that we should follow if we are led by God to do so, for then to stay abrest and in contact with all that's happening at the moment.

Life is what we make it, but also what others have made it for us. This does not exclude Religion with all its false teaching with totally wrong concepts in how to attain salvation and we should be very careful that we are presently not led astray when there is much better and higher verifiable understanding to set us free.

Real knowledge is available to those that seek it and because of it, unless he and his followers embrace it! It will be their undoing!!

Other chapters in the book regarding the Vatican and Roman Catholicism address the issues. 


The collapse or diminishment of Religious Faith groups and affiliates, allowing for a "Single Central Faith" to arise and end divisions will happen, because they teach what is right and also false and promise before God to maintain standards, but fail to deliver by destroying themselves and others in the process through the false!


Overall ego in who we are and how we live without question has to subside, unless we wish to suffer repercussions?


The advancement or the delaying of destiny and globalization! 

Please read on to see the past and the present, for then to understand the future effects of where it's taking us, with links to the story and lesson of how life can be bettered or made worse?

Please after receiving the obvious; approach with care but address urgently as eyes are opened!


Religious people are those that function solely within traditions and all that they do is maintain rituals in a repetitive manner, not allowing the Spirit freedom to run the assembly, because they like to do it through rules and regulations that inevitably stifles the Spirit and stops it working in a liberal and free manner as it does in other Faiths more in tune and synchronized.


This means that they are accustomed to living their Faith more by dead works and knowing and doing everything by heart, maintaining strict order, rather than totally in The Spirit and in a joyous free environment where everyone participates as The Spirit motivates by never knowing what to expect next, "and where miracles happen." 


End of July, beginning of August 2016

The falling away is with us and increasing and undisputedly there is great growth in those that are leaving their Religions.

There is now no real growth in Religion due to the fact that there is no real knowledge in those who minister, as God is not giving it to them. It's the same old messages and repetition, mostly full of hype and definite confusion even though the Spirit is moving in power with revival and healing miracles, but not everyone prayed for, gets healed, from what I have seen in the Pentecostals, in conventions more than anything. The false prophets and false signs and wonders in the holy place (The Church) are evident! How long though can they keep this up for, before the people realise, get fed up, start asking questions and when no longer blind, then move on?

Some of the ministers that came from other nations were operating in the wrong Spirit even though it was under the Anointing. In actual fact bringing the ways of the world into church.  

Those that are now thirsty and in the wilderness in desert conditions, have to make a decision: Either stay in religion and be continually confused, thirsty and hungry without fresh pasture and clean water or make a break and leave their religion for newer fresher, greener pastures. Abraham had to leave his family and homeland for other lands, for then to receive greater glory and wealth. Is it God's will for you now to leave your present Church family and be led by The Spirit to wherever he needs to take you to find fresh knowledge. No one can stay in confusion for ever and not self destruct.

Leaders that have the truth and are not passing it on because otherwise it will bring down the Church and their ministry, are presently digging a hole for themselves and the deeper the hole by not liberating the masses and continually feeding them false knowledge and understanding, the harder God and destiny will deal with them.

Another fact to add: Some of the leaders and ordinary lay people under the Anointing and presence of God, are resisting and denying whatever is said by those that God sends. In my case especially as I have experienced massive amounts of it.

Please do not grieve the Spirit that sends myself and others, as it's obvious that through what we sow we then reap, and for sure that it will then not be forgiven you, and later when you have the truth, no one will listen to you!


Jesus also said: That the gates of hell would not prevail against his Church. And supposedly, I have to presume that Christianity will not totally cease, because a splinter here and there will survive but only in a very tiny capacity. This might also be true of other religions if we are all to become ONE!